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In the real estate industry, contracts are a very important part of the business.  As a real estate investor, I’ve probably dealt with well over a thousand contracts...

Steve Cook

There are all kinds of lists, and this is certainly not the first one that covers the characteristics of successful people, however this one just may be different than any other you have seen published before...

Which Entity is Best for Flipping Houses?

If you are doing business in your own own name (aka a "sole proprietorship"), then you are putting both your business and your personal assets at risk...


Wholesalers and Rehabbers

The concept of buying "wholesale" is not a new one.  It's been around for thousands of years and applies to almost every business around - clothing, food, books, cars, electronics, coffee, and thousands more.  In real estate, the same principle applies...

Vacant Property Registration
In order to deal with the rapidly increasing problem that vacant properties present on neighborhoods, cities across the country are adopting “vacant property registration ordinances.”  These ordinances vary widely from city to city...
Personal Property Trusts
Personal property trusts are effective tools for real estate investors seeking privacy of their business affairs.  A personal property trust (similar to a land trust) is simply a revocable, living trust.  The primary purpose...
Reverse Offer
If you have a property on the market and you can’t get it sold, it may be time to consider a strategy that many sellers used in the 80’s when interest rates soared and the real estate market was lagging...
Real Estate Financing
As a real estate investor, it’s important to have access to financing.  Whether you’re a rehabber who needs construction financing for a fixer upper, a wholesaler who needs...   

A real estate contract is a legally binding agreement between a buyer and seller concerning title to property.  Since contracts play such an important role in...  
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